included extra services

    an overview of our included and extra services

    Services included in the price

    Delivery of the car to friends, family or holiday makers
    We will deliver your car to persons who are authorized to use your car, only by yourself; for example friends, family or holiday home renters. This means that you don’t need complicated arrangements with key holders who need to come to the airport with your car. You don’t need expensive shuttles to take your friends or family from the airport. With our range of security measures it’s perfectly safe to make arrangements for anyone else besides you to collect your car from the airport. We’ll be there to deliver the car to the ones you authorized. We only ask you to explain the meet & greet procedure to the person(s), to avoid any inconveniences.

    No worries guarantee
    Seguro Parking gives you a guarantee that you are able to drive to your destination in Spain after you’ve parked with us*. In case of a flat tire or a flat battery, we’ll make it working somehow. During a long stay we will check the car regularly if it’s fit enough to take you home after you’ve arrived back in Spain. If we suspect major technical problems we will try to get in contact with you as soon as possible, to discuss with you what there’s to do and to avoid unpleasant surprises on your arrival.

    Some alarm systems can drain the battery during a longer inactive period of time. If you have doubts about the situation of the battery after this longer stay, we are happy to disconnect the battery, at your request.
    *On the condition that your car was not in a poorly technical state when it was delivered to us.

    Basic clean service
    In southern Spain every car gets dusty after a few days of outside parking. Seguro Parking developed a special system which cleans your car from dust. This system is water saving, manual (no roller brushes) and very careful for all kinds of car paints. You will find your car at the airport cleaned outside on your return.

    Flight delays and cancellations
    In case we have information that affects the arrival or departure of your flight with 12 hours or more, we will try to contact you on the phone number you provided us to inform you about this. Because we are at the airport most of the time, very often we will be better informed than the passengers.


    Last minute reservations

    As an annual customer you can make last minute reservations with us to pick-up or dop-off your car. No problem, but we will charge a little extra. Reservations booked less than 12 hours in advance cost 10.00 euros each time. We provide you flexibility until the last minute.


    Extra services

    While you are abroad we can take care of things to be done with your car in the knowledge that all is arranged and carried out when you arrive back. Before we do anything with your car we will always have been in contact with you to give you an exact quote about the costs involved and to receive your approval to carry out the required service. We won’t carry out any job before you approved us to do so.

    We have a good working relationship with the ITV stations in San Javier, Alicante and Valencia. When we take your car for the inspection it is checked and they will let us know if we can rectify retrospectively a small issue that might normally cause a fail, such as a light bulb/ windscreen wipers/faded number plates, so that we can pass the car first time for you.

    Car service
    We can carry out the periodical service of your car.
    Mechanical repairs
    If there is a mechanical problem with your car we will fix it. We have our own certified English mechanic, who can carry out any sort of job necessary.

    Damage repairs
    Is your car dented or scratched at your last visit to the supermarket or did you hit that small land post while your were reversing back? During your stay abroad we’ll bring your car to a first quality body shop to have it checked. We’ll send you the quote by email first and after your permission to take care of it, your car will be waiting for you on your arrival back to Murcia, Alicante or Valencia Airport with the damage repaired.

    At your request we can arrange a premium outside wash and/or an inside clean. A carwash is only €15,00 and a inside-cleaning is €35,00. A complete valet (inside & out) is €50,00.

    Car covers
    We provide a range of car covers. For every car we have a suitable car cover for a very reasonable price. Our covers are tested in the circumstances of the coastal region of Spain, where it can be very windy from time to time. We discovered that certainly not every cover is applicable. If you don’t want your car to stay in the intense sunlight, we’ve got the solution for it.

    If you bring your own cover, we will put it on your car to see whether it is sufficient to cope with the difficult climate conditions we have in this part of Spain. However, We will not be held responsible for these if the cover is to blow off during the seasons of high winds, neither for having them cleaned if they are blown off. If the airport reps have any doubt that the cover will stay on the car, the cover will be removed and placed inside. It is our responsibility to prevent any damages caused by car covers and surrounding cars that are parked close.  If you would like your car covered, the car must be delivered to us clean each time, so the dust or does not cause any damages.

    Re-registration from other EU countries to Spanish number plates. Unfortunately we dont do UK plated cars anymore.
    The procedure of registering a foreign plated car on Spanish plates is not simple. You need a lot of documents, visit a lot of different offices and organisations and most of them will only speak Spanish. We know exactly what we need to do. Ask us for a quote if you are considering to re-plate your car. We have 15 years of experience with these matters.