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    About Seguro Parking

    Seguro Parking started in April 2008 and was set up with the ambition of delivering the best services in a personal way. We can only be the best if our customers find that to be the case. We can only offer a good service if we know our customers, since it’s only then that we will know what they want.

    This is why we are keen to offer our customers a personal approach, where we establish their requirements as clearly as possible in order to be able to match our service to their demand. This drives every Seguro Parking employee! Although we are happy to be given trust in advance, earning it is a lot better, since customers then keep coming back to us and they tell others that Seguro Parking is a good company to do business with.

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    Seguro Parking: good company for our customers, good employer for our staff. That’s why we are a success!

    Nice-sounding but hollow words? Give us a try and we will be pleased to make our promises reality. Because we always do what we promise!

    Arno Otto
    Director and founder

    Our address

    Calle Mar del Norte, 18A
    30591 Balsicas (Murcia)

    Parking compound addresses

    Seguro Parking Murcia
    Camino de rotonda que enlaza el RM-16 con el RM-17
    30153 Corvera Murcia

    map corvera

    Seguro Parking Alicante
    Ctra. N-338 – Polígono 40-136
    03195 El Altet

    map alicante