at alicante airport

    How we will meet you at alicante airport

    From the 1st August we will have an important change in the DROP-OFF PROCEDURE of your car at Alicante Airport.

    We were the first parking company that started years ago with a meet & greet procedure at the Express Parking zone of Alicante Airport, just outside DEPARTURES. Through the years more parking companies copied our service and on top of this the amount of travelers that use Alicante Airport increased significantly. As a result it became busier and busier at the Express Parking zone (that’s where we always collected your car) to the extent that currently at times it is even hard to reach the airport at all by car. Very often there is a queue of cars starting even before the entrance of the airport on the N338. This can be very stressful and not a good start of your journey.

    Therefore we decided to make a change, because we don’t like you to start your flight with a lot of stress.

    From the 1st August we no longer COLLECT your car from Express Parking, but from the top floor (5th) of the airport parking garage.

    Please follow the signs for  P  PARKING. There are 4 entrances to the parking, Please take one of the two RIGHT HAND SIDE barriers and  drive your car up to the 5th floor, once you arrive on the 5th floor, please turn to the right and park your car as close to the far right hand side corner as possible. We will be waiting there for you at the appointed time to collect your car keys and the parking ticket. From there it is a short walk via the pedestrian bridge straight into DEPARTURES.

    If you need a baggage trolly, we will make sure that they are available for you.

    No more queuing up in traffic into the airport, easy drop-off of your car, no stress. The meet & greet stays the same, only at a different location at the airport.

    The PICK-UP of your car after your flight into Alicante remains the same as ever: just outside DEPARTURES in the Express Parking zone. It’s only the DROP-OFF procedure that changes from the 1st August.

    On your return we will catch up with you just outside departures on the second floor. So after you’ve collected your luggage (or if you are with hand luggage only when you pass the luggage conveyor), please give us a call on +34 722 252 372 to say that you are about to leave the arrivals.

    This will be our signal to drive your car to the departures area. We do this last minute for you to avoid any extra airport parking duties for you to pay to the airport. The first 10 minutes are free parking just outside departures. After you call, please take the elevator to the second floor (departures). Take one of the exits, cross the street towards the free short-term parking spaces and look out for your car and our rep with his purple outfit. He won’t be far away, mostly waiting for you next to your car. After our meeting you will be able to drive straight home.

    Fly & Drive!