frequently asked questions

    Below you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

    Where is the office of Seguro Parking?
    Our main office is in Balsicas, Murcia, which is located 10 minutes from Murcia-San Javier Airport. Seguro Parking Murcia and Seguro Parking Alicante are divisions of Seguro Storage SL, which started as a self storage company. Storage is a service we still provide, by the way. The administration for the parking services at Murcia is carried out in our main office and for Alicante and Valencia partly at our main office and partly at our office at Alicante Airport.

    How many collections and deliveries are included in a yearly contract?
    There are no limits! Every time you are flying from or to Murcia Airport we’ll be at the airport either to deliver your car or to collect it. Even if you would fly every weekend. Which would provide us a lot of work for the same amount of money though, but that’s part of the deal…..

    Can I bring my car to your parking instead of the airport?
    Our logistic system is based on a collection or delivery at the airport. This means that we don’t have a standard possibility to bring you to the airport. We don’t have a minibus or something of this kind. If you have reasons to park your car at our compound yourself, please let us know. We always like to think in possibilities, not in problems.

    Can I have a look at the compound of Seguro Parking?
    Of course! We are proud of what we have established so far and we are happy to show it. There are no secrets where we park your car. Just let us know that you want to have a view and we’ll take you there.

    Is there any security?
    Our parking is 24/7 secured. Because of safety reasons we won’t describe our complete gamma of security measures on this website. What we can report is that it is a mixture of personal and technical security.

    Is my parking insured?
    From the moment you give us the key of your car to the moment we deliver the car back to you everything is our liability. We are insured for everything with two of the biggest insurance companies in Spain: Pymes Zürich and Allianz.

    Where do we meet the representative of Seguro Parking?
    Please have a look at the page “Meet & Greet”, where you will find a detailed description of the procedure and locations.

    Is it possible that someone else besides me collects my car at the airport?
    The owner of the car can authorize anyone else to use his car, by providing us the full name(s) and passport number(s). If the authorized person(s) report themselves(s) to Seguro Parking at the airport, we will do an ID check to make sure that the car is being delivered to the right person(s).

    Sometimes I will use Alicante Airport instead of Murcia. Is it possible to have my car at Alicante?
    That is certainly possible. If you are flying alternating from both airports and very regularly you may consider to do a two-airports-in-one contract. This means that you can choose from which airport you will fly within one contract. If it’s not very regular you will fly from the other airport we can arrange that your car will be waiting for you at the required airport for a very reasonable transfer fee. Ask our representative for the conditions.

    Can I extend my parking in unexpected circumstances?
    No problem at all! That’s exactly the reason why you pay with us on your return and not in advance. If anything changes, just give us a call or send us an e-mail with the new date, arrival time and flight number and we will change your arrival data in our system. The only additional costs involved are the extra days you park with us.