at valencia airport

    How we will meet you at valencia airport


    At Valencia Airport

    On the day of your departure you may park your car in the public car park of Valencia Airport (P blue, not P green), on the SECOND FLOOR, which is connected straight to departures. Please, take the parking ticket with you, but leave the car documentation in the car, where you always keep it. To locate the car later it would be handy for us if you remember where you parked the car. Each parking space has a number on the floor, right behind your car.

    When you walk through the exit of the car park towards departures, you will cross a gangway. Our staff is waiting for you right at the end of this gangway. We are easy to recognize because of our purple coloured company shirts or coats with the logos on it. It’s so purple that it is hard to miss…

    At our meeting we will sign the parking voucher, which you might have printed at home (not compulsory), we will collect the parking ticket and the car keys. That’s it. It’s as easy as it is!

    While you are checking in, we will take your car to our secured indoor car park, only five minutes from the airport.

    On your return we will be waiting again for you at the same area, at the gangway, to settle the payment and to return the car-keys to you. With the parking ticket you will receive from us, you will be able to leave the airport. The fee for this parking ticket is always less than two euros, because we will park your car at the airport as close as possible to your arrival time. In case of a delay of your arriving flight we will keep your car in our compound as long as necessary.




    From the 15th January we won't meet you at the airport anymore. You can drop your car off at our brand new office at Manises (see below please for a route description) and we will take you with our mini bus to the airport, which takes only three minutes. On your arrival, please call us right after you have collected your luggage or (if only with hand luggage) when you pass the conveyor belts on 665 145 969 and we will send the shuttle bus straight up to departures to pick you up. Our shuttle bus (with our company logo) will be aiting for you at the the meeting point, just outside departures to take you to your car. Again, only three minutes from the airport. If you see the mini bus leaving by chance, please don't worry, we will be back very soon. We don't like to keep you waiting.


    map valencia airport

    Route description to Seguro Parking Valencia when you would like to drop your car off with us:


    • From the motorway V-11 (towards the airport), you take the first exit called SALIDA 1
    • From this slip road you take the very first street to the right, CARRER DE SEDAVI
    • Directly after you have turned into this street you will meet a roundabout, please carry on straight
    • After a slow bend to the right you will meet a second roundabout, please turn to the left here into the CARRER TERRISER, you will recognize this street from a bridge.
    • This leads you into an industrial area.
    • Keep heading right until you meet a quite big crossing with the CALLE AVIACIÓN
    • Cross this street by heading a bit diagonal to the right into the CARRER MENENDEZ I PELAYO
    • First street on your right, CALLE DE LAS CONCORDIA
    • At the end of this street, on the T-crossing to the right and there we are, on the left hand side of the street. A white industrial unit with our signs on the façade.
    • Adress: CALLE CEMENTERIO 11, 46940 Manises, Valencia



    Coordinates for satnavs:


    39° 29’ 20. 48” N

    0° 27’ 41. 14” W