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Meet & Greet service at Murcia, Alicante and Valencia Airport



Seguro Parking provides long- and short term parking at Murcia Airport, Alicante Airport, Almería Airport and Valencia Airport. Our parking facility near Murcia Airport is located app. 2 miles from the airport. At Alicante we are located right next to the main terminal. At Valencia we park the cars inside a special designated parking facility, 5 minutes from the airport. All of our facilities are 24/7 secured. At Almería Airport we work with an agent, who is also parking the cars inside a designated building.

You can park with us from 1 day to a whole year. The costs will come down from two third to one tenth of what you would pay for your parking at the airport, depending on the amount of days you want to park your car.On the page Prices will find instantly what our prices are and our page Reservations enables you to calculate a quote within a few seconds.

We provide two-airports-deals-in-one (dual contracts) for Murcia & Alicante and for Alicante & Valencia: deliver your car at one airport and pick up from the other. For annual contracts as well as pay-as-you-go. This gives you maximum flexibility in reducing the costs of your flights! Fly there where the ticket is the cheapest!

You don’t have to come to our compound, we will come to you.

On the page Procedure at the airport you can read how we work. In a nut shell: We will meet you at the airport at a for you convenient moment. Mostly this will be app. two hours before departure. We collect your car at the airport and while you are proceeding with your journey, we will drive your car in five minutes to our compound, where we keep it safe, clean, secure and insured. According to your flight information we will be waiting for you again at the airport on your arrival. If you have a short term (pay-as-you-go) contract we settle the payment, give you the car keys and your car is waiting for you just outside the terminal. If you have a long term contract we have settled this up before and you can proceed straight away with your journey. There won’t be a transport with a mini van. No extra loading and unloading of your luggage. No waiting at the airport. Fly & Drive! A complimentary wash of your car is included. Every time we deliver your car back to you.

Reservation for parking

Because we will meet you at the airport, it’s necessary to make a reservation for your parking space. This you can easily do online on the page Reservations of this website and you will receive the confirmation within 30 seconds in your mailbox! Not confident online, call our reservations line on 622062115 or send an email to We pride ourselves on providing an excellent and efficient service – late bookings may result in you having to wait longer for your car at the airport, so please give 48 hours notice of all bookings.

Online account

Once you have registered with us online, you will receive your personal log-in codes, which enables you to book as many reservations with us as you like; short-term and long-term. With an annual contract you won’t need to call us or send us emails about your arrivals and departures anymore. You just book these online with your account. The confirmation will be in your mailbox within a few seconds and you will have the certainty that we will be at the airport for you at the required time either to collect or deliver your car.

No worries guarantee

Seguro Parking guarantees that you will be able to drive to your home in Spain after you’ve parked with us. In case a problem with your car occurs (a flat tyre or a flat battery), we’ll try to make it drivable. In case the problem is more persistent, we will offer you replacement transport. During a long stay we will check the car regularly if it’s fit enough to take you home after you’ve arrived back in Spain. On our page Services you can read everything about it


There is still no certainty about the new airport at Corvera, Murcia. The government of the region is again looking for a new concessionary. A public bid is open until the end of 2016, which means that is not likely that the airport will open before 2017 if not 2018. The saga continues….