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Murcia Airport

On the day of your departure you may park your car in the public car park of Murcia Airport. Please, take the parking ticket with you when you come to the departure lounge, but leave the car documentation in the car, where you always keep it. To locate the car later it would be handy for us if you remember where you parked the car. Each parking space has a number, which you can find above your car on the cover. Please leave all the car’s documents in the car: don’t bring them with you to the terminal.

You will find our representative in his purple shirt between the terminal doors and the main car park… We will sign the parking voucher you printed at home (not compulsory), we will collect the parking ticket and the car keys and that’s it. It’s as simple as this! While you are checking in, we will take your car to our compound, four minutes from the airport.

On your return we will be waiting again for you in the check-in hall to settle the payment and to return the car-keys to you. In the meantime we have parked your car at the airport again. Mostly we will be able to park your car right next to the terminal. When it is busy or when there are many buses to take passengers from the airport, we will park your car in the car park. With the parking ticket you receive from us, you will be able to leave the airport. The fee for this parking ticket is always less than a two euro, because we will park your car at the airport as close as possible to your arrival time. In case of a delay of your arrival we will keep your car in our compound as long as necessary. at-murcia